11 April 2014

4M Iberoamérica takes charge of Steganos market launch in Spanish and Portuguese language regions


The digital security software company arrives by the hands of 4M Iberoamérica to all Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries


Steganos, the Berlin, Germany-based security company is announcing its partnership with 4M Iberoamérica expading into Spanish and Portuguese language regions. The programs developed by Steganos aim to help private users, professionals and small businesses to protect and secure online and off-line data on PCs, iOS or Android mobile devices, and even in the cloud.
tl_files/images/News_images/4M-Logo.jpgLocated in Barcelona, 4M Iberoamérica specializes in expanding the success of companies in the IT sector and has extensive experience in business development in all Spanish and Portuguese language regions.
By launching into all Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets, Steganos is systematically continuing with its expansion. “Through the partnership with 4M Iberoamérica, we will gain access to the third and fifth most important language areas in the internet” says Joachim Heng, sales manager for global partners at Steganos. The company is represented in all major markets of Europe, America and Asia, now including Spain, Portugal and South America, one of the most important and fastest growing markets.
The Spanish-speaking area alone (including Spain and the majority of South America) consists of approximately 420 million people, of whom 165 million use the internet. The number of internet users here is growing almost three times as rapidly as in English-speaking areas. Spanish is the third most important language in the internet, behind English and Chinese. In Portuguese-speaking areas, live around 250 million people, of whom one-third are internet users. This share is growing almost four times as fast as in Spanish-speaking regions.
tl_files/images/News_images/JoachimHeng_SteganosBW.PNG“On the basis of 4M Iberoamérica's proven expertise in the areas of localization, online-marketing, sales, traditional marketing, PR and customer support, it is now possible for us to publicize and make our solutions accessible to customers in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. Our cooperation is shaping up to be extremely constructive and we are eager to see our products launched into these markets and have the utmost confidence in our partner's expertise and many years of experience.”
tl_files/images/News_images/SPS14 - keyvisual - 384x384.pngThrough this strategic alliance, 4M Iberoamérica wants to promote the image and reputation of Steganos and generate demand for its product line. For this, the company is preparing the launch of the first product from Steganos next April. It’s Privacy Suite 15, the most complete digital security tool.

For more information about Steganos and the launch of Privacy Suite 15, please visit where you will also be able to download a free 30-day trial with full functionality.


tl_files/images/News_images/logo_steganos_web.pngSince 1996, Steganos has been offering highly secure and easy to use software tools that protect and secure on and offline data. We offer comprehensive solutions for individuals, home offices and small businesses.

Steganos’ advanced encryption options make hiding photos, documents and contact data easy — an invaluable tool when you consider how many laptops are lost or stolen everyday. Hardware is replaceable. Your data is not. You can also trust Steganos to protect your online experience, to manage your passwords, even to protect your data in the Cloud using Dropbox.
Steganos products are available in English, Spanish, German and French. End users can find more information on products in the Steganos website:






11 March 2014

Avangate Enables Online Companies To Expand Their Reach In The Fast Growing Latin American Market


Digital Commerce Provider Announces Support for Brazil Growth and Strategic Partnerships


Avangate, the leading Digital Commerce solution provider trusted by thousands of Software and Online Services companies to grow their business worldwide, today announced that it is boosting its presence in Latin America, with Brazil leading this market push.  Following the implementation of localized ordering capabilities including payment methods, Avangate is looking to strengthen its market presence through additional strategic partnerships with payments providers and local distribution and marketing services.


tl_files/images/News_images/Joseph G. Brown - Avangate.jpg“Brazil is clearly one of the most attractive emerging markets and one that is increasingly courted by software and SaaS vendors and online services in general.  At the same time, local payment methods and partners are vastly preferred by the Brazilian buyers, even for digital goods, which makes our steps forward towards developing local partnerships even more natural,” said Joseph G. Brown, SVP, Worldwide Sales at Avangate.  “We are committed to helping our clients tap into new markets and supporting them in their customer acquisition and retention initiatives for long-term profitability”.


According to eMarketer, “Brazil will have 107.7 million internet users in 2014, 37.7% of whom will make a digital purchase.  This represents a market of 32.9 million consumers buying via digital channels and amounts to 36.4% of all digital buyers in Latin America”.[1]


tl_files/images/News_images/RalfGermer - 4M Iberoameria.jpgRalf Germer, CEO 4M: “Brazil is probably the largest underestimated e-commerce opportunity in the world.  Although not an easy market for foreign companies to enter, building on the right partnerships can lead to rapid success.  Avangate, in collaboration with 4M Iberoamérica, currently offers the best local Commerce solution for software and services companies selling into Brazil!”


With the addition of domestic Brazilian cards with and without installments, Avangate clients have seen their conversion and authorization rates skyrocket by more than 300% compared to the internationally accepted cards, alongside a steady usage of the popular offline method boleto bancario.


“At Wondershare we’ve seen a strong growth in Brazil and Avangate is a partner that helps us reach that market not only on the distribution side via local partners, but also providing local payment methods which make a huge difference, especially compared to other emerging markets,” noted Ivan Guo,
Business Manager at Wondershare.


Avangate offers a broad range of Commerce capabilities enabling merchants to manage their global online and offline business requirements.  It offers localized purchasing options in numerous countries, with 31 languages, 38 payment methods as well as advanced subscription capabilities, equipping vendors to easily target local markets such as Brazil.

All payment methods offered via Avangate are seamlessly integrated into the Avangate Digital Commerce Platform and easily activated, with no additional work necessary on the vendor’s side.
To learn more about how Avangate can grow your software and online services sales, read an overview of the Avangate commerce solutions.






26 April 2013

Incomedia trusts in Advance - Digital PR to successfully enter the Brazilian market with WebSite X5  Evolution 10


To develop its brand in Brazil, Incomedia has hired the services of Advance - Digital PR, an independent public relations agency specializing in digital goods and covering the entire Spanish and Portuguese speaking world. The company is part of the 4M group of companies, which is also collaborating to introduce Incomedia’s products to the Brazilian market.


Incomedia aims to fuel its growth by entering the Portuguese language markets, focusing particularly on Brazil. Already having a customer base in the country, the company wishes to increase awareness of its products in order to enhance its image and reputation whilst generating demand for the WebSite X5 product line. "Portuguese is the fifth largest language market on the internet, after English, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese", explains Federico Ranfagni, CEO of Incomedia, to which he adds: "This market has 83 million Internet users and is growing almost four times faster than the English market. Brazilians are extremely creative and innovative; and we are confident that a product that allows them to create their own website has great potential and will be well accepted."


The new software version WebSite X5 EVOLUTION 10, which has just been released entirely in Brazilian Portuguese, comes with many improvements to the existing resources, plus new functions, which are a result of a thorough research and development work, affecting all aspects of the software. Some of the most important innovations are: the perfection of the user interface, HTML5 + CSS 2.1 / 3 code generation, mobile device compatibility, project management and a lot more.






1 February 2013

Our Story – Why we decided to Advance

The team of 4M Iberoamérica worked hard to generate demand for their software manufacturing partners in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world. Besides online advertising, PR was important from the beginning and key to creating brand image and demand. In order to achieve their targets, 4M collaborated with different PR agencies across the most important markets, but also did part of the PR activities in-house.

One day, unable to find a new agency for Brazil which could meet our requirements, we decided to try doing everything ourselves for that market. The fact that nobody at 4M had studied and practiced traditional PR set the perfect preconditions for creating a completely new approach for our niche, namely, digital products sold mainly over the Internet. Traffic, SEO and social media were the focus of our clients and software users didn’t care much about country boarders when it came to reading online reviews or downloading and buying software. It wasn’t just important to be sometimes present in the most prestigious media of a country, but to be present everywhere: from the leading Spanish consumer magazine Computer Hoy to bloggers writing from some amazing place in Costa Rica, forums, social media or various download portals.

Having that in mind we created our data base of PR contacts and started to spread the word. It didn’t take long to realize that we could achieve much better results for our clients with our specific approach. So we decided to replicate the model for the Spanish speaking world and to invest heavily in expanding our contact data base, setting the goal to have established personal contacts with more than 1000 media by the end of 2012.

When Ralf Germer, the founder of 4M, presented his approach at a recent conference, the CEO of a US PR agency approached him suggesting collaboration. That collaboration was never put in practice, but it was the decisive impulse to create Advance – Digital PR as an independent business.